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Medical Inventory Service

Professional, Accurate, Reliable

Pharmaceutical Services
Med-Count, Inc. is a leading provider of pharmaceutical inventory services nationwide.  Our knowledgeable and

experienced staff are full time professionals.  Our services are second to none and provided at a reasonable cost.

Complete results including hospital wide Pyxis, Emergency Boxes  etc. per our customers request.

Benefits from our services include: 

·         Less Customer Disruption                                   ·         Accurate Results

·         Computed at Acquisition Cost                             ·         Experienced Field Representatives

·         Product Knowledge                                            ·         Recognized by major accounting firms

·         Direct Wholesaler Communications                     ·         Results Certified and Guaranteed Accurate

·         Affordable/Reasonable Cost


Med-Count, Inc. can provide your inventory results in a wide variety of report formatting. 

Results are available Itemized by:

·        Location                                   ·         Trade/Brand Name

·       Generic                                                      ·         Descending Dollar

·       Controlled Drug

Pharmaceutical Returns

Med-Count, Inc. is proud to provide our customers with a quality pharmaceutical return service 

·         Outdates processed off-site-meaning expired meds are shipped to Progressive

·         Provide detailed reports on merchandise destroyed or processed for credits.

·         Controlled substance accounted for

·         Discounts on combined Inventory Services and Returns


                                                                          Contact Us

                                                            Toll Free: 1-888-633-2888
                                                              Phone: 1-847-299-1510
                                                                Fax: 1-847-299-1523