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Medical Inventory Service

Professional, Accurate, Reliable


Med Count, Inc. is a nationally recognized Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Inventory service established in 1988  in the Chicago area.  The original business began nearly 50 years ago as one of the pioneers in providing inventory services to pharmacies.

We are dedicated to serving our customer needs. When it comes to quality, service and accuracy Med-Count, Inc.  certifies and guarantees accurate results.

In addition to continuing our work in the Hospital market we have expanded further into Long Term Care Pharmacies as well as medical/surgical inventories.


Exciting News

Med-Count Inc. is proud to announce it’s alliance with Progressive Inventory Services. Providing our customers a quality Pharmaceutical Return Service.


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                                                     Toll Free: 1-888-633-2888
                                          Phone: 1-847-299-1510
                                            Fax: 1-847-299-1523


“I have used Med-Counts services for nearly 15 years at a variety of my locations and am continually impressed with the efforts and results generated by their people”

  Harold Miller—Pharmacy buyer